History of the ‘One and Done Rule’

What would the professional game be without these star players? Kobe Bryant and LeBron James were drafted into the NBA straight from high school.

In 2006 the NBA created a new age requirement for those players wanting to go into the NBA draft. Now players must be at least nineteen years old or a year out of high school to be drafted. This new rule was meant to encourage a college education for players (especially in case of injury) and to make sure players had time to mature before entering the professional field. This means that many players who would have gone straight into the NBA are now going to college to play, but after a year they get drafted and never finish a full education. This doesn’t seem to support the fact that this rule truly encourages education, additionally it seems that this rule also has a negative affect on the teams that these players leave so early on and leaves time for possible injury that would kill their chances at the draft. The new age requirement for the NBA draft was meant to encourage players to receive a college education and allow them to gain experience before entering the professional field, but it does not do this and is in fact detrimental to the college teams they leave behind so early on and leaves these players with the possibility of injury. Basketball players graduating from high school should have the same opportunity to be in the NBA draft as all the other players, but if a player chooses to play at the college level they should be obligated to sign a contract of a minimum of two to three years in order to balance out the negative affects of one and done players.


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