Players Against the Age Requirement

DeRozan played for USC before going to the NBA draft all while his mother suffered from a terrible, but treatable disease.

One of the biggest problems with the new age requirement is that there are players who are ready to go into professional basketball right out of high school and really need the salary that the NBA provides. For example, DeMar DeRozan, one of the top prospects in the high school class of 2008, would have been a lottery pick in that 2008 draft if it wasn’t for the NBA’s 19 years old or a year out of high school requirement. Instead, he spent a year at USC where he was not earning a salary. Meanwhile, Diane DeRozan,DeMar’s mother, suffered from lupus, a painful and destructive disease which causes the victim’s immune system to attack the body’s healthy cells, muscles, tissues and organs. It’s a terrible disease, but it is treatable. Unfortunately it is also very expensive, but a multi-million dollar NBA salary could have covered medical costs for DeRozan’s mother and alleviated the situation they were in. Perhaps not all emerging basketball players are under such tough conditions, but it is their right to have the opportunity to go into the draft because money could be a very large factor in some people’s lives. Additionally, many players argue that going into college basketball is only an opportunity to get injured and never getting into the draft. Many injuries can happen in basketball, but getting injured while playing college basketball is a sure way of getting taken out of the NBA draft. Players who are draft ready out of high school run a big risk by going into the NBA.


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