The ‘One and Done’ Rule is Harmful to College Ball

Derrick Williams says goodbye to the Wildcats as he prepares to leave for the NBA draft

College basketball coaches are concerned about the negative affects the new age requirement has on their teams. An extraordinary amount of time and money is spent on recruitment and college scholarships for these star players that only stay on the team for a year. Unfortunately, many of these star college basketball players leave after one year to go on to the NBA draft. This leaves the coaches with spots to fill and sometimes a whole new coaching approach is needed after just one player leaves. The investment that goes into these players is huge and in the end they usually leave the team behind trying to get back to where they were before. Just recently our own Derrick Williams announced he will be leaving for the NBA draft, and coach Sean Miller will have to adjust the team’s strategy and coaching to fit what the team will be like without Williams. In addition there will probably be a time where the team has to get comfortable with this new way of playing and adjusting to the loss of a star player. Many college coaches are against the one and done rule because it does make their teams so unstable. Many coaches would rather give those star players the opportunity to go straight into the NBA and if a player decides to go to college and play basketball then have them sign a mandatory contract for two to three years allowing their teams to become more stable and therefore better.


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